Olive Oil – Space In Space


Olive Oil is a hottest japanese underground hip hop artist.they became popular and popular since they produced many tracks for rapper and huge success of their 2nd album. they have released 2 album,1 sigle collection and some 12inch and many remix. their biggest track “pianity” was played by gilles peterson on bbc. The album kick off with deep jazz stuff like a free jazz taste intro and p.sanders sampled track “war a style”,then go to alternative stuff like a one of the hilight song “black sky wiz”.then they show melancholic side by “and my wired t-sh”or “I ove o ill understand”. Some freaky stuff like “dejital lake”,”ring ring ring” is their new style.ending track “little metal in ur soup” is a beautiful jazz fusion track. Olive oil have a unique own style,it’s like a fusion of prefuse 73 and flying lotus and madlib. If you like the sound of them,you definetly need to check Olive Oil.

for more info check: myspace.com/oilworks

little preview:


01. Space In Space (Intro)
02. I Change U
03. Wa Ra Style
04. Black Sky Wiz
05. Busta Rhythum
06. Las Vegas Vege Girl
08. And My Wired T-Shirts
09. I Ove O Ill Understan
10. Time Has
11. 123 4
12. Lalala21
13. Dejital Lake
14. Ring Ring Ring
15. Little Metal In Ur Soup

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  1. Shirese says:

    Thx for share I really like their musics =)

  2. gza says:

    nice to you postin these Japanese rarities! Thnx!

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