Lukid – Chord


“Chord” is a vital body of work from an important member of the Werk Discs group of questing artists. Lukid’s tunes unfold and ripen into sonic screenplays that you can re-discover and re-immerse yourself in on each listen. This collection of perplexingly complex hip hop instrumentals takes the low-slung, late night pace of his first, “Onandon”, and runs headlong with it through a room full of wilting vinyl into a sample bank of bitty drum hits and scuzzed out succulent synth swells.” Presented as a vinyl-only triple pack limited to 500 copies, “Chord” extends and develops the sonic themes of “Foma”, taking three tracks from that CD-only release into the vinyl realm for the first time as augmentation to the eight brand new pieces on display.

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01. Chord
02. Veto
03. Rags
04. Hair Of The Dog
05. Child Of The Jago
06. Saddlebags
07. Through Gritted Teeth
08. Lego
09. Spiller
10. Stripes
11. Makes

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