Kno – Death Is Silent


Death Is Silent, the solo debut from CunninLynguists’ producer and emcee Kno. After amassing only 4 verses over the CunninLynguists’ last four releases, the Atlanta-based artist is set to step out from behind the boards on Death Is Silent, both producing the entirety of the record and handling the majority of the vocals. The record’s concept involves the inevitability of death and its impact on love, life, family and friends.

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01. Death Is Silent
02. If Your Cry feat. Natti
03. Loneliness feat. Nemo & Deacon The Villain
04. Le Petite Mort (Come Die With Me)
05. Rhythm Of The Rain feat. Three Tom Hardy, Tunji
06. Spread Your Wings feat. Deacon The Villain
07. Smile (They Brought Your Coffin I) Villain
08. Graveyard feat. Sheisty Khrist
09. I Wish I Was Dead. feat. Tonedeff
10. They Told Me feat. Deacon The Villain
11. When I Was Young feat. Natti (of Cunninlynguists), Substantial
12. Not At The End feat. Tunji
13. The New Day (Death Has No Meaning

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  1. Rakka says:

    GREAT ALBUM… beautiful production, Kno is a Genius

    Thanks for this

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