Kindred Spirits Ensemble – Love Is Supreme


Over two years in the making, the ‘Love Is Supreme’ CD is a testament to the timelessness of Coltrane’s music. In a world where mankind often seems to be his own worst enemy, Coltrane’s music, and in turn these interpretations by the Kindred Spirits Ensemble, shine like a beacon in troubled times.
Han Litz and Wiboud Burkens together with KC the Funkaholic form the core of the Kindred Spirits Ensemble, initiated especially to honour the legacy of Trane by performing new arrangements of some of his most iconic pieces. It has developed into a full blown tour, and delved deep into the spiritual jazz canon.
Coltrane believed that music had the power to change how people think, and this belief is crucial to the Kindred Spirits Ensemble. What started as a soul‐searching idea has become a cathartic journey of the spirit – both musically, and literally, as they toured around The Netherlands. This CD takes recordings from performances in Paradiso (on Coltrane’s 80th birthday), North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, Pure JazzFest in The Hague, and the Bacinol Delft, as they warmed the souls of audiences with versions of Naima, The Creator Has A Masterplan, and Prince Of Peace ‐ as well as Shining Liberation, a collaboration with MC Pete Philly from Pete Philly & Perquisite. It’s a document for a new generation – an offering of love and gratitude for the inspiration of the past and the revelations of the future. Giant steps indeed.

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01. Introduction
02. The Creator Has A Master Plan (Peace) efat. Jimmy Rage
03. Ja-Mil
04. Prince Of Peace Feat. Roos Jonker & Jimmy Rage
05. John Coltrane
06. Two Lullabies
07. Naima
08. Shining Liberation feat. Pete Philly

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