Hidden Orchestra – Night Walks


An intense and rewarding listening experience, “Night Walks” encompasses the energy and production techniques of studio-produced beats, but replacing synths and drum machines with natural/acoustic sounds and instruments for an emotionally potent style. Built on contrasts – experimental without losing accessibility, electronic and acoustic, complex and simple, dark and energetic whilst intricate and calm – there is a sense of journey and progression, and, in Acheson’s words, “the brooding reflections of a solitary walk through the still, restless night”.


01. Antiphon
02. Footsteps
03. Dust
04. Tired & Awake
05. The Windfall
06. Out Of Nowhere
07. Wandering
08. Stammer
09. Strange
10. Undergrowth

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2 Responses to “Hidden Orchestra – Night Walks”

  1. J Van S says:

    This one is real nice (I copped it a couple of weeks ago)… Look for the Joe Acheson Trio project they did before this as well.. Loverly.

    … and the Landau Orchestra might fit on your blog as well… if it’s not too old (or not already there).

    Thanks for all! You’ve been a big help to my in my musical travels as of late!

  2. Really, how on earth did you get through to the bottom of this, I have been itching for someone to publish something like this appreciate it.

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