Full Crate and FS Green – Hi-Hat Club Vol 5 Eggs and Pancakes


Volume 5 of the MPM producer series introduces two of Amsterdams most promising new producers: Full Crate and FS Green. Forget your favourite Amsterdam clichees, no hookers and stoners here, just pure musical heat. Crate and Green come with the most forward-thinking and progressive beats – or shall we better say music? – in the Hi-Hat Club so far.

for more info and buy: www.mpmsite.com


01. Pick A Star
02. Troopercat
03. Monoshow
04. Tycoon Thug
05. Awesome
06. 1 Up
07. Eggs & Pancakes
08. Thursday
09. Never Never
10. Bobby & Melinda
11. Falling Flutes
12. Crack
13. Inspiration
14. To The Floor

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  1. gza says:

    gooooood shit! Nice!

  2. Mauro says:

    Ughhh… Link is not working.. noooo. :(
    Hope someone can upload it again.

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