Eric Lau – Makin’ Sound


Since 2006 Eric Lau has been consistently sculpting his signiture sound, powered by a love of manipulating sound in a soulful manner. Using a subtle blend of samples and instrumentation, his music spans a variety of genres and is complimented by collaborations with an extensive collective of artists. Makin Sound is a 20-track LP consisting of instrumentals handpicked from Eric Laus archive of previously unheard music. Each track was creatively reworked and remixed by Lau before being mastered by infamous engineer Shawn Joseph (J Dilla, Pete Rock).

The vinyl is limited to 500 copies

The tracks are 128kbps quality so you can buy HQ here:


01. What The World Should Be
02. Cruise Control
03. Some Time
04. What’s Going Down
05. Lil’ Chop
06. Home Run
07. PPG
08. Warp
09. Bendy
10. Dreamsville
11. Change
12. Give Light, Give Love
13. Militant
14. Minnie
15. Love, Love, Love
16. Watcha Doin
17. Noma (feat. Ben Hadwen)
18. The Bed
19. Nadir
20. Stand Bye

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