DDay One | Glen Porter – Wavelengths


The “Wavelengths” 10″ is a sample-based interpretation of the four brainwave patterns (Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta) that our minds shift through daily. The sound-scape begins with Los Angeles based producer Dday One’s “Between Poles.” The heaviness of the breaks represent the harsh reality of Beta, known as the waking state. With “Fall Forward,” we descend to Alpha, the wave of relaxation, but not quite meditation, the gateway to deeper states. Through the process of manually manipulating subbass frequencies, staccato strings and Theremin tones, Glen Porter constructs the “Dream.” This elusive and mysterious epic sits in the range of Theta, known as the twilight state of dreamlike imagery and long forgotten memories. At the point of regeneration, known as Delta, Porter moves beyond the depths of the subconscious and REM sleep with “Prehistoric Cowgirl.”

The picture disc contains original still-life photography by Dday One inspired by the songs “Between Poles” and “Dream.” 180 gram vinyl, limited to 300 copies hand-numbered by the artists.

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01. Between Poles (Beta)
02. Fall Forward (Alpha)
03. Dream (Theta)
04. Prehistoric Cowgirl (Delta)

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