Cosiner – Bittersuites


The first full length effort from Bay Area beats and atmosphere sound sculptor Cosiner – a warm and often jazzy blend of beats, bass, keys – from low and rumbling rawness that revolves around the drum and bass, to more of a live sounding hip hop jazz vibe with piano and horns, to more of a DJ mode. It’s all very well done, unvarnished and a little gritty in away that makes it more effective and resonant.


01. Intro
02. S.O.S.
03. Breakthru
04. Spells
05. On A Page Too Dim
06. Come Closer
07. Not By Demand
08. Do Without
09. The Rainsmell
10. February
11. 4-Letter Word That
12. For Tha Sake Of Somethin’
13. Thereafter
14. Endonte

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2 Responses to “Cosiner – Bittersuites”

  1. untchble says:

    Nice find, these guys are in y neck of the woods, thanks!

  2. J Van S says:

    OK. Yeah. This one’s quite nice. Thanks a’plenty! I think I’ll go make that hard disc purchase… for the permanent collection, as they say.

    Thanks again, great find, this one.

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