Brasilintime: Batucada com Discos


A documentary film by Coleman and B+, filmed in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

In September 2002 Coleman and B+ went to Sao Paulo for nine days. They had a week to link with (hip hop) Brasil, enlist three drummers and find enough breaks to make a break record to guarantee commitment from our oversubscribed DJs back home.

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Feature Film:
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Special Features:
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3 Responses to “Brasilintime: Batucada com Discos”

  1. rezah says:

    Fantastic man!!! But Special Features: part 1 don’t working. Can you reup please? Thanks

  2. IndiŠ says:

    Improbably!… Very strong musical cocktail has turned out!

  3. tim says:

    rappamelo thanks man
    this has been a feature i keep going back to from time to time when i hit a creative block.. although a majority of the movie is spoken in Portuguese I felt every thing and learn stuff every time i go back to it.. funny thing as well.. this dvd made me dump my mpc for an sp 303 and i take it with me wherever i go now.. any Hip Hop fan must see this as it goes deeper than what the description suggests. It really outlines the parallels of Hip Hop and Brasilia music as far as musicianship, showmanship, artistry, obscurity (check Mamao’s description of his drum grooves, chills down my spine as I trace those words back to the actual Azymuth records i have tattooed in memory). then seeing Madlib just be Madlib.. now seeing Conti and Madlib make a group as the fruition of this meeting is ill. One documentary I would love to see coming out of the Mochilla camp is a similar one but maybe more so Hip Hop’s parallels to Jazz? I know it would outlast Lord of The Rings in running time but it’s needed. I FUCKING LOVE HIP HOP!

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