Bahwee – Flavors


“A while back I put out this beattape called Flavors, no biggie. I basically just threw all the mellow joints I had into a folder and named it ‘Flavors’. I put it up for download for 2 days along with my buddies’ tape and we took it down, right after. He, went on to do great things and tour the world. I, on the other hand, still have trouble getting into The Crosby… Well, I added a few more, flavors, (get it?HAAHAHhAHAHAA..), and did a few extra things here and there. If money is the only thing preventing you from copping this, well, then look hard enough and you’ll find a link. Ya might not like it, but your girl will..I’m just sayin. Special thanks to Mary Anne Hobbes for playing my shit back then & my friends/fam killing it all over.”
- Bahwee

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little preview:


01. Intro
02. OJ & Cereal
03. Waterfalls
04. All
05. HereisWhere
06. GF
07. Flight
08. Walkright
09. Peach Flavored
10. Stars
11. B L U R
12. Green Tea
13. SF
14. Lovers
15. Smoove
16. Breezy
17. Silverskies
18. Twentyinmypocket
19. Driving Fast

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