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Unfold, the successor of Translations (Samon ´s debut-album released on Nesola in the middle of 2007), came into existence. The most obvious difference in comparison with its predecessor is the participation of vocalists/rappers, whose selection nearly seems to follow a concept.
With Madlib´ s brother OH NO and Aloe Blacc two Stonesthrow-artists stood in front of the mic. The contributions of Om’Mas Keith (SA-RA Creative Partners) and the producing MC Ta’Raach fit in the picture as well with regard to the creative backgrounds and interests, the whole thing being rounded out by Kev Brown from the Jazzy Jeff-camp and Laura López Castro.

With Unfold there nearly is a balance between songs with and without vocals. The message being articulated by the lyrical contributions to the songs is basically characterized by passion for the art form and some kind of authentic and serious contemplation on the subject matter.

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01. Intro
02. Sugar Hill feat. Om’Mas (from SA-RA Creative Partners)
03. Love And Sex
04. Still Significant Feat. Kev Brown
05. 0804-005
06. Right Here Feat. Oh No
07. Morioka Sunset (JS Love)
08. Night Will Fall
09. Interlude
10. Try Feat. Aloe Blacc
11. Let’s Do It
12. Lovelude Feat. Ta’Raach
13. Get Down Feat. Ta’Raach
14. No Te Puedo Ver Feat. Laura López Castro
15. Y.W.A.G.D.
16. Cp2sk Feat. Christian Prommer
17. Playground
18. Outro

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  1. Kamikaze says:

    Dope album…a bit old but def a good record…

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