Max Roach – Percussion, Bitter Sweet


Percussion, Bitter Sweet is one of drummer/composer Max Roach’s great musical-cultural statements, featuring wife Abbey Lincoln’s powerful vocals on the tumultuous “Garvey’s Ghost” (with its powerful Afro-Cuban percussive airs), and the prickly, straight shooting protest of “Mendacity.” Roach’s musical dream team band features several innovative players, such as the legendary reedman Eric Dolphy and the extraordinary young trumpeter Booker Little, both of whom died untimely deaths in the early ’60s. Roach and bassist Art Davis redefine the jazz beat in their own image, a truly unique rhythm section, and their 7-beat swing on “Man From South Africa” inspires some of the best playing on the session–as vivid and modern sounding today as it was 30 years ago.


01. Garvey’s Ghost
02. Mama
03. Tender Warriors
04. Praise For a Martyr
05. Mendacity
06. Man From South Africa

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