Kan Kick – Full-time Work, Part-time Pay


Kankick is a hip-hop producer from Oxnard, CA. The Kankick sound is dusty, crunchy and blunted, and just the right tempo to get the proper head nod going. He started out in the science of hip-hop beat making in 1988, as a freshman in high school when he hooked up with Madlib who was a sophomore at the time. Kankick later joined the Lootpack and became the 4th member. He has now split from them though and formed the Funk Farm, which also included DJ Babu (Dilated Peoples-Beat Junkies).  For more info check: myspace.com/kanzuluxperience. The tracks are 128kbps quality so you can buy this album HERE (iTunes) or HERE (Amazon).


01. A Loom Of Natty
02. You Go, Uno
03. Holy Grass
04. One More Look
05. Korea
06. C.D.P. Funk Farm
07. Pass It (Feat. Cornbread)
08. On The Run From…
09. Tainted Orange Juice
10. To The Ghetto (Style)
11. Lika (Feat. Mystery Babies)
12. Pushed From A Shove
13. Tranquility Pt. 3 (Feat. Dex & Kan Kick)
14. Romes In Rotation (Feat. DJ Romes Of The Lootpack)
15. Environmental Terrorism Pt. 1
16. James Dynamite Space
17. Militant Black Sista’s
18. Mugu Rock Solace
19. The Future Pt. 3 (Feat. D Voo & God’s Gift)
20. Afrikan Stop Africom
21. When Will I Learn (Feat. Nonameko)
22. Cali Pop Lock Tribal
23. Trail Alone

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