Jazz Addixx – Soul Expansion (Unreleased & Remixes)


This album is a culmination of Unreleased Songs and Remixes followed by some Instrumentals from MUDD. The Jazz Addixx are coming with all new material shortly but we wanted to make sure got out unreleased stuff finally heard.


01. Soul Expansion Introduction
02. At Your Service feat. Primo The Cinematic
03. Feels Good
04. Kama Sutra
05. Say
06. Show Runners feat. Primo The Cinematic
07. BluRum 13 Interlude
08. Broken Record
09. Today’s Lesson (Saint Remix)
10. Bless The Child (Neo Sonic K Murdock Remix)
11. Say (The Unknown Remix)
12. Dope (The Unknown Remix)
13. At Your Service feat. Primo The Cinematic (The Unknown Remix)
14. Show Runners feat. Primo The Cinematic (ST/MiC Remix)
15. Love (The Unknown Remix)
16. Stress (ST/MiC Remix)
17. Love (MUDD Remix)
18. How’s It Feel (MUDD Beat)
19. Im Your (MUDD Beat)
20. Dont Judge (The Unknown Remix)

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if you downloaded this project for free, you have contributed to the death of true hip hop…………. if you own this blog and you posted it, you have taken food out my mouth. ¬†what your doing is stealing from 2 guys who dont have much and work fulltime jobs to keep the bills paid and take care of our kids……… if you wanna man up and support us, then i suggest you buy the album……. at djragz.bandcamp.com if you dont, well then you stole from me. straight up

dj ragz
jazz addixx

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  1. dj ragz says:

    if you downloaded this project for free, you have contributed to the death of true hip hop…………. if you own this blog and you posted it, you have taken food out my mouth. what your doing is stealing from 2 guys who dont have much and work fulltime jobs to keep the bills paid and take care of our kids……… if you wanna man up and support us, then i suggest you buy the album……. at djragz.bandcamp.com if you dont, well then you stole from me. straight up

    dj ragz
    jazz addixx

    • Bust Unique says:

      tru hip hop was always about passin the “tape” along, this was fact from the early days in NYC thru to the 90′s, uploads and downloads are just the modern way of passin the “tapes” its what keeps hip hop alive in my opinion, not “the death of hip hop” as you say DJ Ragz, and because of this The Jazz Addix will be listened to more people then ever would of been back in the days, and they said cassettes were gonna be the death of hip hop too! so was it? maybe you should think about doin some live shows if you want to make a better living at this game…1L

  2. dj ragz says:

    that disclaimer that you leave on your page doesnt make you innocent…………

  3. Robert says:

    Dude,I couldn’t care less about your joint,if it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t have known about Jazz Addixx and I’ll never take the time to even stream what y’all are doing….

  4. J Van S says:

    DJ Ragz,

    I won’t get super-neg on you. I – too – am one that might never have heard of you if not for this blog.

    Truth is, there is NO LONGER a ‘Music Industry’ wherein smaller, lesser-known, independent and/or ‘forward-thinking’ creative artists are going to make a living off sales of physical copies (or even iTunes, unless you are/become part of ‘The Machine’.

    You’ll need to find a better way to make dough than hoping no one will receive copies of your work without paying you (or anyone else) for a CD, Vinyl, EP, LP, Single, Cassette, Maxi-Single, 8-Track, Minidisc or… anything at all. Even the once-mighty ‘Labels’ know this much. Thus the ’360 Deals’, lack of new signings, failure to properly budget promotions or publicity of (y)our projects or… anything from them – except the almighty (worthless/bloodless/meaningless) legal threat(s)… Which you (perhaps) cannot afford.

    Brother. Get on the road. Do GREAT shows. Sell your CDs AT THE SHOW to people that want to support. Design, Produce, Sell and Monetize your OWN Merchandise (unheard of in the past)… Look for Business/Project Models. Who’s making money online without deals or physical ‘Sales’.

    If you are signed to a label, you would probably NEVER recoup anyway… no matter HOW ‘Sick’, ‘Dope’, ‘Hard’, ‘Boss’ or ‘Splendid’ your Music is. They would give you FAR LESS than the internet is giving you, which is UNLIMITED ACCESS to your would-be fans, followers, supporters, (show) attendees and (most importantly) NEW LISTENERS.

    That’s all I have. For your type of sound, I suggest you reach out to Fusicology.com (or someone like them in your region, and operate your Hustle Muscle, before them other ducts get too worked up.


    J VAN S

  5. meow says:

    no one is ever gonna hear about you if you don’t give your music away. no one is gonna come to your shows if they’ve never heard of you. if you’re making music because you love it then give it away and share the love. if you’re making music to try to make money then learn how shit works in 2010 and give it away.

  6. dj ragz says:

    if thats how you want to justify it it thats fine, your stealing and now explanation can tell me different.

  7. R says:

    message for dj ragz

    be a man and stop crying…im not gonna pay for that shit u call “my job” or “true hip hop”..come on..call true real hip hop..its a shame for the real thing…get a real job..and if u have kids to feed…its ur problem..not mine…and for real…this blog was the best pulverizer of new sounds…make me and a lot of people of my country to know new “real good” artists…

    dj ragz…u suck….and internet is bigger than u think…bug

  8. Hiphopmusicny says:

    Jazz Addixx are giving you a product. Like anything else you would buy at a store for your entertainment. If you are not paying for it, that is considered stealing no matter how you want to justify it. You people are making excuses for being too cheap to shell out a few bucks. How about I come to your job and tell your boss to stop paying you. So what go find another job and work that job for free? Everybody wants something for nothing.

  9. dOk says:

    guys please respect the opinion of everyone, especially the comment of “R” this is not the way to respect him and his work.

  10. R says:

    sorry if i disrespect someone..but…its my opinion..i do whatever i want whit that…”oh..u stole the music bla bla bla” theres a message on top of the blog sayng “If you are a Label or an Artist and you want to remove the content from this blog, contact me at:” simple…email the blog and they will do that..simple.. and a mediocre artist came here and say u stole my music and other shit…lol…we live in a world of high speed trading archives and information…stole? is not urs anymore when it came to public…Wise up!…anyway….sorry if i was to real for u guys.

  11. Dj Caramel says:

    The funny thing is, after reading all this, i don’t even want to hear the music now. I do blends and remixes as a hobby now for about 5 yrs. I lost everything in Katrina and New Orleans and still do my mixes and Give them away to people and my friends now in H-town. I do agree, if it that crucial, you should be thinking larger and if you gonna make a profession out of it, then you gotta step your game up player. Now that’s being real .

  12. Hiphopmusicny says:

    Does anybody realize that it costs money to make an album happen? Featured artists want to get paid, you either paid for studio time or paid for equipment for a home studio. If its not on a label you paid for mastering. Alot of these artists would like to recoup atleast. Now everybody wants to justify why its ok to steal the music so they can feel better about themselves. What if this was over 10 years ago and you heard of jazz addixx and actually had to buy the album? You act like this has gone on forever and the artists are just over reacting. I see it this way, gonna download from a commercial artist that is more understandable. They will get paid regardless for the trash they put out. Its more important to pay for independent music. I dont know how old you guys are with these comments, but the underground scene in the mid to late 90′s was thriving because people actually bought vinyl and cd’s. It was almost like a village all pitching in so everyone could keep the scene alive. Now its just a bunch of selfish listeners that could give a shit about the actual scene and culture. Its a disgrace. You act like Jazz Addixx is asking for a free donation. I guess all movie theatres should just let people come in for free now too. Construction workers should build everything for free. How about YOU “Step Your Game Up” and help contribute to the culture that is independent hip hop.

  13. dj ragz says:

    If you think I suck thats cool, I just wanted to state how I feel. Nothing will change my stance on this. I do respect the person who writes this blog for letting my voice be heard and not deleting it. If your ever in VA or DC, hit me up. Not on some immature bashing type stuff, but I civilized convo. You got my info………………

    Dj Caramel, I am sorry for you loss…… I give out tons of free product, Im asking you to respect what I sell. Im asking you to respect me the way I am respecting you. But yes, if your not going to pay for it, you shouldnt download it. I have the whole project on bandcamp where you can listen to it for free, and if you like it your can support and it would be nice, but if not thats cool to……….. but dling it and not supporting it is stealing…….

  14. dOk says:

    I am the person who writes this blog, i totally respect your opinion and i ask to everybody to please do the same ;)

    to the guy “R” ok is your opinion but i think you are disrespectful to DJ Ragz.


  15. Condensed Milk says:

    Links get taken down all the time, but the reason there has been so much discussion about this one, was because of the way that that comment was written. The music industry has changed heaps, and it has always been a constant battle between what the industry and people copying stuff. However, the music industry is one of the few things that you have to buy without even knowing what the product is, and there is no return policy or anything for a shit cd. not saying that jazz addixx are shit because i do like your stuff, just generally its a flaw within that industry, and hence blogs like this are awesome, because Francesco has some great taste in music, and i listen to whatever, and if i like it i will buy it on vinyl or go to a show or whatever. But artists really need to stop acting like the net is the reason for the death of their families and stuff. the music industry is different and people need to use new ideas to make more money. If i didnt know or hear of someone i would NEVER buy their stuff. so i wouldnt have given u my money anyway so im not stealing coz i would have never parted with my money. I have now heard some of your stuff, if u come to australia im at your gig. and i will buy a tshirt. until then il go listen to some free music. peace.

  16. dj ragz says:

    dj caramel, would you care to do a youtube dj battle? im down if you are…………. lemme know……… djragz.biz, hit me up…….all in good fun

  17. Diordan says:

    DJ Ragz I think you just lost a good chance of making some fans worldwide. I’m brazilian and I guess there are people all around the globe who read this great blog. Not to steal from anyone but to know good music, cause Francesco really knows good music and takes time to share his musical knowledge for free. I’d be very happy to be one of the artists displayed by this great blog if I were an artist. If You make lots and lots of fans, people who really like you and your music, you can make lots f concerts all around the globe and people will be glad to show their love and apreciation for your work. And yes this will give you money, but being a really well known artist is bigger than money. I still don’t know your music, cause I got here too late. But I bet your record is great. I respect what you think but I really want to suggest you reconsider this matter. Cheers! Diordan.

  18. J@Y says:

    In support of this blog:

    I think the headz that frequent this blog are, in general, respectful contributors & supporters of the independent music scene.

    We represent a minority of the consumer market, but I’m sure that the sum-total of purchased music in our collective record-bins is far greater than those of all the Britney or Kanye (or whatever is selling) fans, combined.

    As such, we actively seek out new music to listen to and to buy; these blogs and forums are the new standard to do this.

    Without places like this blog, unless your album is in my local record store – and based on where I live I can guarantee that it won’t be, there is no opportunity for me to hear, or buy your tunes.

    This blog has incredibly high standards, with careful and thoughtful consideration given to the items posted. As a part-time producer of music myself, I would be flattered to have my music presented here.

  19. R says:

    Francesco, sorry if cause u some trouble, and thanks for ur work.

  20. dOk says:

    you are not caused anything, but for me was not a way to answers to him, even here even in life you have to respect the opinion of everyone even if you think are completely wrong, that’s all ;)

  21. dOk'S sOn says:

    I love you all

  22. J Van S says:

    TO: Mr. “Hiphopmusicny”… Welcome to the rest of the world. Did you know it costs money to buy a computer, maintain internet access and (in a ‘time-is-money’ sense of things) to search for, find, read a blurb (or more) then download a product…?

    I am NOT saying that it isn’t stealing (nor that it is). Read my post, please. I said, meant and maintain that it is a SIMPLE FACT OF LIFE that if you make your music and put it out, people are under no more moral obligation to pay for it than they might be to listen to it. Period.

    Should they? Perhaps. Especially if they like it. Underground scene in the mid-’90′s? A lot like it is now, holding on by a thread. The difference is, back then it was a cassette dubbed over some bullspit they had in the giveaway bins at your local vinyl shop. (I’m a little older than you, I think. When I first started buying music there were no CDs and there was no internet). Since we’re time-traveling, let’s go back to the days before ANY ‘Underground’ or ‘HipHop’ artists even HAD a deal or a way to make a record.

    You ask if all Movie theaters should stop charging? Don’t worry… They’re on their way. Any and ALL things that can be turned into a digital format WILL BE FREE to those that care to track down, search, explore and listen/watch/read/see it. Now, find what they call a ‘work-around’ and you should do well.

    Shows can’t be downloaded. Neither can T-Shirts. Additional product, exclusive bits sold ONLY at shows. But don’t get (too) angry… it has always happened and always will.

    I’ll say it again. Politely, as always… It’s not a mean-spirited “Step your game up” comment. Nor i it a justification. It doesn’t need justifying. “Life Isn’t Fair”. You don’t want people to have, share, trade, download your isht? Keep it on your hard drive and play it for all your friends and family when they come over.

    Otherwise. Read my earlier post.

    Best and Luck to you and yours,


  23. djragz says:

    one thing i do regret is coming off the way I did originally, so for that I am sorry. It is however in my eyes stealing. Im really sorry, I just feel that way. I keep my integrity with my music and with telling it like I see it. Im not asking you to understand anymore because we are not going to come to a compromise here. To the owner of this site, thanks for the email fam. Your a true class act. To the dude who said I suck, thats cool, but I dont think I do and thats all that matters. To Dj Caramel, the “step your game up playa” guy, im saying, brian.ragonese@gmail.com, hit me up. But to the rest of you that read this, I apologize for not approaching you correctly the first time. I still dont think its right but im bowing out of the debate cause there is no need to talk in circles on this issue. If you dont want to listen to my music because of my stance on file sharing programs thats on you and you have every right to do that.

    jazz addixx forever

  24. R says:

    good luck dj ragz !

  25. KJ says:

    Nice one,finally I know what’s the real respect for any production of the artists!
    And nice work dOk,your site really inspired me to love more type of classic music and so,THUMB UP! =D

  26. frenchman says:

    here’s my view on the subject:

    1) Music Blogs are nowadays ultimate platform for music lovers who want unbiased independent reviews and the option to listen to it. a lot of those cats that are downloading here are also deejays who will play your stuff, hence making promotion for you. people who are just into downloading for free (those you would accuse as thieves) will use apps like limewire, making the DLs much more simpler.

    2) “you have contributed to the death of true hip hop” … that was really stupid. real hiphop shouldn’t be about making dollars, but that is what you are suggesting! the owner of the site has actually givn you a “true hiphop medal” by giving you a post, and you spit on it with your first message. even music-journalists use sites like this one to broaden their knowledge and information, and this would have rather been good free publicity and the chance to get more fame, more gigs, and make more cash on the long run.

    3) Music Equipment costs money? yes, it does! but usually you’re starting music because you love it, not because you expect to become rich! you wanna be a deejay then u gotta buy two 1200s and a mixer. that is a lot of money to start … and a lot of time and practice before you will ever make your first dollar mixing two records. and deejays make their money with gigs rather than mixtapes, just as artists make their money with gigs rather than records nowadays.

    4) why the hell is discussion so long, yet you still have missed to post a link to your bandcamp site so that people can actually listen to your music and order it? that is one mistake that you should never make again, because your comment is what people see first. and not just here: it has spread over to a few blogs and surely is not the kind of publicity that you want!

    5) industry rule #4080: posting http://djragz.bandcamp.com isn’t shady! ;)
    i suggest that from now on, you just ask the owner of blogs to post the link and ask people to check out the music there. …



  27. Hip Hop Lover says:

    Honestly, I understand Ragz’s frustration BUT its the change in atmosphere now. Complaining gets you nowhere, you just have to adjust. I too would not have heard of you guys if it wasn’t for the blogs. One guy on here said what if you didn’t have these blogs and it was like the 90s and you had to buy. Ummmm we probably would just NOT buy it because then the only outlets to hear samples was STILL TV and radio. Can you imagine still having that in this age where independent music is RARELY played in the mainstream? Not even its ’15 mins of fame’ like back in the day.

    It just like DJing. Old school DJs complained about serato and all the other digital DJing mechanisms that surfaced saying it was taking the true work ethic and paying dues aspect out of DJing and DJs were ‘cheating’ You can download all the music and look at the screen all you want but it still takes true TALENT and SKILLS to get WORTHY gigs.

    Saying that, you have to look at the good side as well. Now, 90% or more of DJs are saving their backs and now are spinning with a computer screen in front of them. A deeper music collection can be carried around and a DJ can be more versatile during a show and can satisfy a wider array of an audience.

    The fact is music sales have plummeted all the way around. An active artist can tell you quick that they make more money from merchandise, doing shows/tours and selling their music at them than any other platform. Don’t blame the consumer, blame the industry that has put out so much garbage that people got tried of paying 12-20 dollars and only like 2 songs at best. Now, even will you sell on line, people will just buy the one or two tracks that are good and leave the rest where it is.

    I support blogs like this because yes, its a platform for FREE PUBLICITY where at one time and in some environments today, you STILL have to pay for it. DJs like myself will play your stuff and certain people will hear it and want to explore you more. I am down in Atlanta. I am not a big time ‘on air radio DJ’ but I get around and I’ve been thanked, even PAID from artists because I was actually an outlet for them to get shows and to make money the otherwise would not have made and go to places I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN TO because I played their music at my gigs and used them in mixes I post (with their website info next to the tracks) online. Its still all a cohesive unit working together.

    Shit changes everyday in all aspects. Jobs, sports, fashion, music, everything. Hell, I graduated with an I.T degree in 2003 which seems obsolete right now. Am I going to sit back and complain about it? A little (because i am still paying on the loans for that bitch lol) but I am going to adjust and do what I have to do to still get ahead whether its going back to school, get training through my job, doing something else or whatever. The message is, are you going to sit back and complain or adjust and make good out of it.

  28. Hip Hop Lover says:

    And by the way, whomever downloaded it here before the link got taken down or anywhere else, will more than likely upload it somewhere else or send it to somebody that will upload it themselves so you got alot of blogs to complain on which is frankly a waste of damn time… Work on your craft! Peace! P.S. Ragz, Love You guys work! LOL

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