Grillo – I Had U Ken


Angry lo fi synth lines buzz along with deep, stilted beats in I Had U Ken, Grillo’s tribute to the all american awesomeness of Street Fighter’s Ken Masters. Videogame samples and xbox live scrubs spouting profanity during online play adorn the shorter tracks, while Ken’s own in game voice is autotuned and vocoded to sing along in TaDaDa, feeling like drunken yodeling on acid. There’s also a chiptune remake of the original street fighter 2 ken theme, a nice trip down memory lane before the dark, dubby and moody Thunder Kick closes out the record with its menacing guitar riff.

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01. Shoryuken
02. TaDaDa
03. Online Saltiness
04. Step Kick (Krazy Kicks 1)
05. Tatsumaki
06. Senpuu-Kyaku
07. Inazuma Kakato Wari (Krazy Kicks 2)
08. Shoryureppa
09. Masters Theme
10. Thunder Kick (Krazy Kicks 3)

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