Finest Ego – Japanese Beatmaker Compilation


Even in the land of the rising sun, during the last months the enthusiasm for eccentric rhythms has increased. More and more young beat maker in Japan emulate their models J Dilla, Flying Lotus or Hudson Mohawke. This new generation of beat smiths understood Hip-Hop not as a mere pose, but as an aesthetic principle, in which it is explored, where the boundaries of this music style lie. The artistic crucial questions are therefore: How can you make known subjects in other contexts? How abstract can it be? Some of these emerging artists, we can now gather on this download Compilation. It’s a good way to become familiar with these extraordinary artists. So the Compilation shows the wide range of this emerging beat music scene, the originality of each artists. The title of the records tries to reduce very different types of artists to a common denominator: Finest ego.


01. Budamunk – Samurai Assassin
02. A.Z. – Spotless
03. The Astronotes – Soul Miner
04. RLP – Cheat Cords
05. Sato – On The Runn
06. Ogiyy – In This Moment
07. Ferrari – Before Red
08. Ichiro_ – Sumiyoshi
09. DJ Olive Oil – Jap Angele
10. Eccy – Chrome
11. Himuro Yoshiteru – Drim Something On Your Palette
12. Daisuke Tanabe – Witch Hunt

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