Dibiase – Machines Hate Me


“Debut full length LP steez from LA’s Dibiase, following impressive drops for Fat City and All City records. Those releases called for comparisons with Madlib, Dilla and a whole heap of slump-funked producers who’re taking inspiration from ’80s boogiesoul and computer games; the ambient sound of half-remembered innocence. With these influences and adjuncts in mind Dibiase gives fifteen tracks of staggered MPC beats, perhaps erring more towards the electronic and ADD-afflicted style of Flying Lotus or Nosaj Thing, but always keeping an even keel of head nodders bounce. Your attention span won’t be challenged as most tracks are in and out in under 3minutes, but those ideas will entertain the beat heads who love a good chop, from the sliced Nintendo samples of ‘Circuit Breakin’ to the swampy compressions of ‘Lumberjack’ and the murdered 8-bit saturation of ‘Rengade Slap’, a collab with Devonwho. Best of all however, must be the plastic squeeze of ‘Clocked Out’ and the crooked lazer synth calibrations of ‘Life Force’ primed for your next computer chair vision quest.”

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01. Eternia
02. Phantom Power
03. Dusty Lungz
04. Atombreakin
05. Lumberjack
06. Neighborhood Watch
07. Skullcrack
08. Circuit Breaking
09. Clocked Out
10. Dubwreck
11. Price Is Righteous
12. Life Force
13. 3 Way Mirrors
14. Renegade Slap (Devonwho Collab)
15. Abstract

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2 Responses to “Dibiase – Machines Hate Me”

  1. dizl yo says:

    Ill.. thanks i cant believe i saw this dude live (never heard him at the time) last year for my 21st birthday and now my favorite blogs posting his album. kool

  2. gza says:

    I knew this album was gonna be good, but GODDAMN, shit is mind shattering!! Thnx for the share!

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