Vee – State Of Mind


Not much info on this, it’s an album by a japanese dj and producer Vee, featuring CL Smooth, PaceRock, StrangeFruitProject and Natural Habitz, if you like the style of Nujabes then you will like this too, enjoy! for more info check:

little preview:


01. Tweet
02. Da Piano feat. C.L. Smooth
03. Ill City Breezy Snippet feat. Strange Fruit Project
04. Atmosphere
05. World Is Yours
06. Peace & Humor feat. Pase Rock
07. Push feat. NEX!!! of Natural Habitz
08. Miracles In Meidaimae
09. Decor
10. Like This Whole Song feat. Nautural Habitz
11. Le Vent
12. Eyes On The Prize feat. Natural Habitz (Vee Remix)

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  1. bibbil says:

    Wow…. Thanks a lot, this is amazing

  2. IAmPeteRockFan says:

    This album is absolute classic! Does someone by chance know from where are samples to “Le Vent”?!

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