Urbs & Cutex – Peace Talks


Paul Nawrata and David Schuller, better known as Urbs & Cutex, Urbs & Cutex are two scientists on their own mission, leaving trends and hypes behind, to focus on what’s most important: the music. “Peace Talks!” takes the listener on a journey, discovering a whole new sound universe. Deeply rooted in mid 90´s Hip Hop, their sound has matured since “Breaks of Dawn”. While their minimalistic debut was more of a DJ Tool (still being a pure pleasure for homelistening sessions) the “Peace Talks” tracks are more structured, reminding us of classical songwriting. Paul and David are taking us back into a time when MPC 60´s and SP 1200´s were the instruments of choice, before the 303´s and Triton´s took over Hip Hop. Back into a time when rap records consisted of loops, before soul was replaced by cold electronic bleep sounds and being ‘jiggy’ was all that. But don’t be mistaken, Urbs & Cutex are not retro or strictly Hip Hop. These guys have the gift to capture the “mid 90´s New York flavour” and combine it with the state of the art sound that we all love listening to nowadaysIt’s all about the magic of a loop!

little preview:


01. The Thing
02. Interlude 1
03. Jolly Joint
04. Sound Of Joy
05. Interlude 2
06. Right Where?!
07. No Escape
08. Interlude 3
09. Ra Reform feat. Syntax
10. Is feat. Geri Schuller
11. Interlude 4
12. Song For R.
13. Outro

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