ShinSight Trio – Somewhere Beyond the Moon


ShinSight Trio consists of Insight, Shin-Ski, and DJ RYOW. Insight has a overwhelming popularity and recognition in underground HipHop scene all over the world, and his partner Shin-Ski of Martiangang is known as one of the coolest beat-makers in Japan. DJ RYOW a.k.a. smooth current is charismatic performer, and he also acts as Levitatorz with Shin-Ski.

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01. Teamwork feat. Sondu
02. You Got Soul
03. Only As Serious As You Make It
04. Wheres There a Moon That Is Mine
05. Pure Organic
06. Shining From Your Soul
07. On My Mind feat. Saylove
08. 6Mcs from My Area feat. Cosmonaut Seven
09. R&B Song
10. I Don’t Understand (Why You Ain’t Moving)
11. Cool Mellow feat. Sondu
12. Peace

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