Robert Strauss – Odyssey Man EP


The concept of the ‘Odyssey Man EP’ was first conceived by Robert Strauss in 2006 as a way to bridge from abstract, spacey hip-hop, and beat-oriented experimental music to more song-based and melodically structures. He wanted to transfer this sound and vibe from the streets to a more mainstream urban, soul, r&b audience and he took his talent on a three-years odyssey to get the fusion and feelings just right. Its result is a truly soulful ep, which features the gifts of Ayah, Leroy Burgess and Richie Henessey.

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01. Odyssey Man feat. Ayah
02. Love & Self Respect feat. Leroy Burgess
03. True Lies feat. Richie Henessey
04. Odyssey Man (Instrumental)
05. Love & Self Respect (Instrumental)
06. True Lies (Instrumental)

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