Oh No: Dr. No’s Infected Gadget VTech Mix


DJ Doubledose Presents Dr. No’s Infected Gadget Mix Exclusively for VTech. Produced by Dr. No and mixed by DJ Doubledose, this is a mix of a collection of new instrumental beats entirely produced by Ox City’s own Oh No AKA Dr. No. So download and listen to the beats and let’s pull out the helicopter hats and go go Gadget go!!


01. Intro
02. Infections
03. Alert!
04. Electronic Meditation Music
05. In the Claw
06. The Big Chase
07. Gadget Blues
08. Nebulas
09. Malfunctions
10. Criminal Activities
11. Bank Vaults
12. Transport
13. The Carnival
14. Outro

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2 Responses to “Oh No: Dr. No’s Infected Gadget VTech Mix”

  1. matteo says:

    ma quindi sono tutti beat di oh no?

  2. dOk says:

    esatto si ;)

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