Michel Sardaby – Gail


Michel Sardaby was born in 1935 in Martinique. He learned to play the piano when he was 5 years old; in the brasserie of his father in Fort-de-France, where music was constantly played. At 10 years age, Michel is a noted prodigy, playing with the passion of with experienced musicians. He goes to Paris where he continues his studies of art at the Boulle School until obtaining his diploma in 1956, at which point he decides to devote himself exclusively to his career of being a professional jazz pianist. Throughout the 60s, he played piano with blues musicians like Sonny Boy Williamson and T-Bone Walker, at the same time beginning to release more jazz-focused solo albums.Michel has been active on the European scene, especially in Paris where he resides.


01. Gail
02. Spindrift
03. Ten Kisses Short As One
04. Welcome New Warmth
05. Help Me Belong Here
06. Song For My Children
07. One Long As Twenty
08. Sambando Nas Ondas

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3 Responses to “Michel Sardaby – Gail”

  1. J@Y says:

    Thanks for the tip; mint album! Cheers.

  2. Étienne says:

    Dope album

  3. Gildas says:

    Yes nice aalbum.

    Once you got it on your pc and like it (you cannot dislike it !!), then BUY IT !

    You can buy almost all Sardaby’s for less than 20 euros each

    Please BUY his LPz. It’s beautiful music; sometimes less fusion, sometimes not my taste. But this artist is alive and need our recognition

    GIVE HIM YOUR MONEY – Don’t STEAL The MAn! This is not fair.

    Plus there is this compilation by his daughter called “The Art of Michel Sardaby” recently distributed, in France only I think (see link of article in french – Use translated page if interested : http://blogdechoc.over-blog.com/article-l-art-de-michel-sardaby-97875958.html )

    Mr Sardaby has health problem so this album is for him / to him, auto-produced by his daughter Patricia



    Merci pour l’Art
    Qui a besoin de lard
    Votre surplus de gras
    Peut nourir un Degas
    Ou plutôt un Glasper (Robert)
    Une Meshell, un Prince,
    Une Erykah, un Herbie,
    Un Eric (Legnini), Un autre Erik,
    Un Bilal (Oliver),
    Un Ambrose, Un José (James),
    Une Georgia A M,
    Un Christian (Scott),
    Un Roy (Hargrove, Ayers, …)
    They are Alive

    Like Grant Green used to say,
    Like The Roots used to sing,
    Like Barry White used to croone,
    Like Ursula Rucker used to shout,

    SHOUT it with me : ALIVE!
    Don’t SHOOT them.

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