Kissey Asplund – Plethora


Plethora is the debut album from Swedish soul sensation Kissey Asplund, and is a genre-defying journey through jazz, hip-hop, electronic soul, all with a fresh future twist. Kissey takes us through a range of day to day stories of love lost and found, friendships betrayed, relationships on the rocks and even astral travelling. The album was entirely produced by Paris based hip-hop collective Papa Jazz Crew, and is a unique combination of future electronic soul beats and sweet jazz vocals.

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01. Still The Baddest
02. Beam Me Up
03. Caos
04. You & I
05. Entrapped
06. Fuss’n'fight
07. Hit Me With Medication
08. 6am
09. Another Glass
10. Syntax Error
11. Phone Call
12. Work It Out
13. With You
14. I’m Out!!!

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  1. frank says:

    Big fan of this lady, thanks for turning my attention…

  2. San Diego, CA says:

    Very nice, dOk! Keeep em comin!!

  3. DM says:

    very cool …

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