Italian Instabile Orchestra – Skies Of Europe


The World Of Communication with the knowledge of information all of those concetps one uses for expressing and learning. Music Inclueds any form of knowledge and information to be used as a musical form of expression – for the sound, beauty and the emotional experiences. Here Is a very knowledgeable an intelligent orchestra by the name of Italian Instabile Orchestra, made up of composers and palyer as one.

Giorgio Gaslini, Bruno Tommaso, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Mario Schiano, Gianluigi Trovesi, Carlo Actis Dato, Eugenio Colombo, Paolo Damiani, Guido Mazzon, Pino Minafra, Daniele Cavallanti, Alberto Mandarini, Lauro Rossi, Sebi Tramontana, Renato Geremia, Martin Mayes, Tiziano Tononi and Vicnenzo Mazzone, all are excellent players in their own rights. Their performances have a collective concept of sound democracy. The Instabile Orchestra, its players are indeed heading towards the creative expression of the 21st Century. Let’s not forget the stones, rivers, eyes, ears, and skies of Europe. Listen to the music, it will tell you why.


01. Maestro Muratore: Il Maestro Muratore
02. Il Maestro Muratore: Squilli Di Morte
03. Il Maestro Muratore: Corbù
04. Il Maestro Muratore: Merù lo Snob
05. Il Maestro Muratore: l’Arte Mistica del Vasaio
06. Il Maestro Muratore: Il Maestro Muratore (Ripresa)
07. Skies of Europe: Du du Duchamp
08. Skies of Europe: Quand Duchamp Joue du Marteau
09. Skies of Europe: Il Suono Giallo
10. Skies of Europe: Marlene E Gli Ospiti Misteriosi
11. Skies of Europe: Satie Satin
12. Skies of Europe: Masse d’Urto
13. Skies of Europe: Fellini Song

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