FreshBeat – Tribute to J Dilla


Tribute to J Dilla is an instrumental album produced by italian beatmaker FreshBeat ( with the original soul/funk/jazz samples used by J Dilla in “Donuts”!!!!Special guest of the album…FatFat Corfunk!


01. Maybe
02. I Really Love U
03. Care
04. Only One Can Win
05. Over And Over Again
06. Unconditional Respect (24 Bars) feat. FatFat Corfunk
07. I Can’t Stand To See U Cry
08. Bad Behavior
09. Don’t Say Goodnight
10. Legendary
11. People
12. With Love
13. It’s All Right
14. Walk On By
15. The End Of The Show

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3 Responses to “FreshBeat – Tribute to J Dilla”

  1. frank says:

    This is giving me a big smile!!
    Great spins on the great ‘Donuts’


  2. jay says:

    AMAZING!!! TY!!

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