Franco Micalizzi – Italia A Mano Armata


Awesome soundtrack of the italian movie “Italia A Mano Armata” by Franco Micalizzi!


01. The Criminal Gang
02. A Dirty Trick
03. The Cruel Kidnapper
04. Hunting The Gang
05. The False Hostage
06. Temptation And Siege
07. The Child And Her Sister
08. Hard Falling
09. The Pleasant Visit
10. A Man Befor Your Time
11. Shall We Dance
12. A Nosy Guy
13. Too Much Nosy
14. Death In The Cave
15. The No-Peace Pursuit
16. A Tree Could Hurt
17. A Snare For Betti
18. An Angel, A Devil
19. Damned Bricks
20. Machinegun Death
21. Black and White Ending
22. The Criminal Gang
23. Tiny Armed Suite
24. Detecting The Boss

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