Flanger – Outer Space/Inner Space


Flanger is the piss-take version of the Compost Records thing – Germans with samplers appropriating jazz. Not only do Burnt Friedman (Drome, Nonplace Urban Field) and Uwe Schmidt (Atom(tm)) do their wanking while wearing smirks – humor being a very rare commodity among Teutonic jazzbos – they don’t shy away from the conceptual implications of what they do either (pontificating is another no-no for cool studio cats). The liner notes, for instance, claim that the title is inspired by a J.G. Ballard essay, and offer a rambling, half-bullshit/half-on-to-something critical analysis of the album’s music in a marvelous spoof of real jazz sleeve commentary.

little preview:


01. Outer Space/Inner Space
02. Galak
03. The Mne Who Fell From Earth
04. Inner Spacesuit
05. Le Dernier Combat
06. Unosietecero
07. It Ain’t Rocket Science
08. Hirnflug

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