DJ Mitsu The Beats – Universal Force


A diverse set of Japanese hip hop featuring the Universal Force that is DJ Mitsu The Beats – featuring SLACK, Zeebra, Coma-Chi, Jay’ed, Sound Market Crew, Ice Bahn, Hunger, Aruma, Twigy & more! There’s a range of styles at play here, from spacey funk beatcraft with soul jazzy keys, some electro steeped jams, some fairly laidback others pretty gritty. It’s all produced with a timeless groove.


01. 思考品 M.T.B.D. feat. B.D.
02. 昂サバイヴ feat. HUNGER & 環ROY
03. 孤独少年 feat. S.L.A.C.K.
04. One Hip Hop feat. Zeebra
05. ハッスル feat. 鎮座DOPENESS
06. Only You feat. TWIGY
07. SAT feat. ICE BAHN
08. The weekend song feat. SOUND MARKET CREW
09. 一曲入魂 feat. RINO LATINA II
10. My Simple feat. Aruma
11. Precious Time feat. COMA-CHI & JAY’ED

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  1. untchble says:

    BIG thanks for DJ Mitsu, especially this Japanese only CD. I am overall dissapointed on the content even though I do like 3 of the tracks. Hopefully Medicine Show 8 revives me…

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