Coultrain as Seymour Liberty – GodMustBeABoogieman


Born in St. Louis from a religious family, father is currently still a pastor in Batesville, Mississippi, mother is the choir director, both of whom gained insight & a clear path in which 2 explore my gifts. 1st experimentation with art was thru the visual: painting, drawing…then 2 the drums playing 4 the church choirs & school bands, while experimenting with singing and dancing..studied graphic design in college while starting groups & studied Shakespeare & poets, got more into writing…still writing my life.

This is a story with no beginnings and it has no end…this is the continuing story of Seymour Liberty, where once again adventure seduces and reveals herself, throwing Seymour in a circus of whirlwinds…planes, trains and automobiles.  Where Seymour landed and ultimately explored,..well thats 1 part of this story that was never told, quite in usual fashion. Y U ask? Well, Seymour always fancied exaggerating his climbs and disasters, nonetheless, becuz they were fact 2 him, word was bond., But the details of this particular ride went unspoken, casting a mystery. U see the world had changed & every1 in it, yet, “everywhere u go, there U R, peakin thru the mask.” Wandering, trying 2 balance the heart and mind.  But something happened out there, perhaps this something would only be riddled with commentary. But indeed something had been altered, shattered even, but put back 2gether oh so romantically.  Nevertheless, whatever this something was, it had changed the man they all once knew.  And as sad as it is romantic, “SHE” never left his thoughts,  like a shadow following him around, probably weighing him down a bit, But remember, “no regrets.” & as he crossed the threshhold back 2 the city, full of temporary answers and fleeting hope, the cold skyscapers bathing in a purple drizzle, an electric thrill filled the air, silent bombs bursting everywhere. and he knew fate had wheeled (willed) him back n2 a corner, maybe bliss awaits, maybe despair,… another test.

Coultrain returns with a free EP, GodMustBeABoogieMan, 13 songs seperated into 3 movements, enjoy!


I. APrince’sDeparture
a. 1st steps-music by Yesterday’s New Quintet
b. Do U Remember Me?- music by Patrice Rushen
c. Where is My Heaven?-music by Yesterday’s New Quintet
d. Change-a-thag- music by Patrice Rushen

li. ARoofTopXperience
a.Morning Papers-music by Jason ‘thedirtylynt’ Moore
b. What X It Was- music by Stoney Rock
c. Believe Nothing- music by Dorothy Ashby
d. Parallel Universe- music by Broadcast
e. God Speaks- Dj Shadow & Patrice Rushen
f. Parable of a Shiny Miracle – muisc by J1

III. ACharlatan’sReturn
a. Mutual Possession- music by TOKiMONSTA
b. GoodBye, Hello- music by Gary McFarland
c. Jubilation-music by Patrice Rushen

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