Comfort Fit – Never Look Back EP


On this seven track ep you will find a broad perspective of sounds and flavours ranging from hip hop, street soul, beats to nu- jazz, with exellent vocal contributions by Mercury Waters (, Blaktroniks and Nicole Hadfield. These cripsy beats are ripe with thumping funk and jazz influences, sample wizardry and daring shuffles. Composed with the help of unique sound plugins which were especially programmed to measure Comfort Fit’s needs and wishes, we think the chances aren’t bad that you’ll fall for the unique sound signature, bounce and elegance of this tight hip hop production. Like the best mixtapes this thing plays even strongly as a whole – no matter if it’s about classic jazz impressions like Miles of Smiles, scarily deep intergalactic grooves as in Astro Dancin´or the hip hop bomb State of Mind, all the tracks are locked together closely. The Never Look Back EP is more than just beat fodder for your next mixtape, “it’s a very personal diary of mine. I feel music is my natural form of expression, not words”, as Comfort Fit says. “It is very important for me to escape from the noise pollution of the cities and from the media hypes going on. I’d rather create my own”. This is the perfect masterpeice for the leftfield, opendminded dj´s and music conaisseurs.

little preview:


01. Stafe Of Mind feat. Mercury Waters
02. Go On Take It Further
03. In Simple Words feat. Nicole Hadfield
04. Astro Dancin’
05. Something To Do Blaktroniks
06. Sorry
07. Miles Of Smiles

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3 Responses to “Comfort Fit – Never Look Back EP”

  1. GreenWeedz says:

    Aye, pure dopeness right here.

  2. Clint Partie says:

    I’ve downloaded it from 2 of the different links & a couple tracks don’t work, including #3. I’m trying it one more time right now. Thanks for everything, though, regardless.
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  3. Clint Partie says:

    Yeah, I’ve downloaded now from 3 different links & track 3 doesn’t work. I’d actually really like to hear that one. Maybe someone cold post a link for that individual song?

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