Ayatollah – Live From The MPC 60


Live From The MPC 60 serves as a good starting point for fans of Ayatollah’s soulful production who haven’t explored his instrumental output. With 66 tracks totaling over 150 minutes of music, Live is the definitive Ayatollah instrumental collection, a dream come true for beat junkies. While most producers have swtiched to a computer-based setup, Tollah continues to churn out head-nodding concoctions on his vintage Akai MPC 60, saving each beat on an old-school floppy disc. Though he’s been perfecting his craft for over 15 years, Tollah doesn’t feel like his work is done. “I want to give more to the world,” he explains. “I’ve been sitting on a lot of material. I wanted to get it out at all costs.”


01. Tollah Intro
02. Everywhere
03. In Orbit
04. I Gotta Rock
05. Uncivilized
06. Inside Of Him
07. Let Jah Be Praised
08. Supersonic
09. The Best Thing
10. I Love The Way You Love Me
11. Mass Transit
12. Brolic
13. Natty
14. Ayatollahs Revenge
15. Take It Slow
16. Cant Get Away
17. Inspekta
18. The Chase Scene
19. Future Funk
20. Hear
21. Frankenstein
01. The Star Of The Show
02. Harder They Come
03. Mantra
04. From Within
05. The Kids Are Crying Over You
06. Let Em Know
07. Change
08. Gods Animals
09. Livin In A Dream World
10. Cant Knock The Hustle Pt. 2
11. I Cant Make It Alone (Feat. Maximil Of Regime Change)
12. The Rhyme Writers
13.  Hello
14. How Can We Lose
15. When You Get Right Down To It
16. Superpeople
17. Take Me Higher
18. A Word From Derek (Feat. Sadat X)
19. Quest For Fire
20. Fallin Love
21. Inside Out
22. Them Summer Days
23. Angkor Wat
24. Reflections
25. Hope Of Deliverance
26. Tollahmania
27. Heavy Traffic
01. Gordons War
02. Casino
03. Getting To Know Me
04. Dig This
05. The Writers Bench (149 Street Grand Concourse, Bronx NY)
06. Bubble
07. Soul Power
08. WOW
09. Heaven Cant Wait
10. Reefer
11. Lonely Girl
12. Rhyme Amazing
13. Growth
14. It
15. Black Ivory
16. You I
17. When Tomorrow Comes
18. How Yall Feel Out There

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    this is a dope blog and much appreciated…mpc 60 wow is very time consuming, computer based things saves time especially when getting paid for the project is priority…i think he uses computer based set-up as well but good post non the less.

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