Augusto Martelli – Black Sounds From White People


If you can forgive the title of this one, you’ll find it to be a very groovy record! The album’s a killer batch of funky instrumentals (“black sound”) recorded in Italy in 1972 by Augusto Martelli (“white people”) and it’s got the groove and swing of some of the best Italian soundtracks from the time, no surprise, as Martelli had his hand in a few from that era! The package is a nice one  with a thick booklet, notes in Japanese, but some good images of Martelli and album covers  and the music is really great, with some excellent sax and flute work that takes the tracks into a jazzier mode than usual for this sort of thing!


01. Loco Love Motor
02. Ma Ne Vale La Pena
03. Krypto Blues
04. Nanaue’
05. Free Samba
06. Mondo…No!
07. Sarà Stato Il Futuro
08. 90° Compleanno (90th Birthday)

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2 Responses to “Augusto Martelli – Black Sounds From White People”

  1. Jacob Ward says:

    Hi!, Just To Let U Kno The Mediafire Link Is Showing “Andrew Hill – One To One”
    Lovin’ This Album!….Great Blog You’ve Got Here!!

  2. Heather says:

    Frankly, as a black woman who likes Italian and black music, I think the title is pretty fantastic. So’s the album.

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