Waxolutionists – The Smart Blip Experience


The Viennese producer and DJ trio – DJ Buzz, The Bionic Kid & DJ Zuzee – expanded the borders of hip-hop and dared to make trips to new musical territories without losing their orientation and spontaneity in their style of production. Live elements and sample-related production have always been a major part and a dash of turntablism habit has always given their projects its very own special flavour.
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01. 10 Outta 43200
02. Kiss My Vortex
03. Listen Up
04. Unspecial (Bits From The U.B.)
05. 8bit Pipecleaner
06. Nachtschattengewachs feat. Manuva
07. Neelde Sharpening in 7 Pats
08. The Waxos vs Dj Furrypils
09. Different Directions
10. Alphabetical Download feat. Dephjoe
11. Wish I Had Four Hands
12. Commercial Break
13. Deep Inside
14. Zeta Reticuli feat. Dj Buk
15. A Mescal At Neptunes
16. Body%Ground feat. Dfkt
17. Power Transfer #1
18. Family Biz

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