Suff Daddy – EFIL4FFUS


Debut EP from Berlin producer SUFF DADDY featuring singers Miles Bonny (Kansas City), Kissey Asplund (Malmö) & MC Oddisee (Washington DC)
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little preview:


01. Late Night Stuff feat. Miles Bonny
02. Brewsters
03. Late Night Reprise feat. Kissey Asplund
04. Gin City
05. The Only Way I Know feat. Oddisee
06. Plastic 1
07. Plastic Dub
08. Like Daddy

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  1. tak4prez says:

    thanks for putting me onto suff daddy. can’t get enough of this dude.

  2. Ted says:


  3. BAM says:

    Thanks, good stuff. I been looking for this fusion music for awhile and I happened to stumble on this site.

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