Radical Stuff – Hardaswallow


Radical Stuff was one of the most important hip hop group in the early 90′s in Italy, don’t worry for the lyrics because like mostly in those years they used English, really classic sound of 90′s, enjoy!

little preview:


01. Intro
02. Summer Fever
03. Don’t Test
04. Interlude
05. Stop Frontin
06. On Tha Run
07. Interlude
08. Same All Jazz
09. Biznazz
10. Interlude
11. I Don’t Give a Fuck
12. Breakin Frontears
13. Steppin In Tha Mud
14. Alimoney
15. Hip Hop Ganxta
16. Interlude
17. Style
18. On Tha Square
19. Bonus Track
20. Interlude
21. On Tha Jazz Tip

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