Paolo Bordini, Franco Feruglio, Andrea Centazzo – Ratsorock


Andrea Centazzo is an Italian-born American percussionist and composer of minimal music. He acquired U.S. citizenship in 2000 and lives in Los Angeles, California.

In more than 30 years’ career, Centazzo crossed music genres and artistic expression forms, starting as jazz percussionist and improviser to become later a contemporary composer, a visual artist, a film and Theater director and a multimedia artist. His discography includes over 150 LPs, CDs, and DVDs, almost all recorded for ICTUS RECORDS, his own label, founded in 1976 and still active after its 2006 rebirth in California. He has performed and recorded with Don Cherry, Derek Bailey, Steve Lacy, Evan Parker, John Zorn, Henry Kaiser, Enrico Rava, Tom Cora, Theo J√∂rgensmann, Alvin Curran, Lol Coxhill, and others. Most of those musicians were involved in his Mitteleuropa Orchestra, a seminal 16-piece big band active between 1980 and 1983 in Europe. His composer career started writing for that ensemble and later expanded in writing for symphonic orchestra and opera. His most famous opera, TINA (1996), was inspired by the life and art of Tina Modotti. Two more operas followed, Memento in 2000 and Simultas in 2001. Since 2003 Centazzo wrote and performed three seminal multimedia solo shows (Mandala, Eternal Traveler, and Einstein’s Cosmic Messengers), combining his award-winning videos with solo performances based on percussion and digital percussion, making extensive use of computers, looping, and sampling. Centazzo has performed around the world and released numerous recordings, both as leader and sideman.

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Recorded at Centazzostudio, Moruzzo, Italy, November 1976 to April 1977.


01. Old and New Impressions
02. Silva and Sabra Games
03. Troubles
04. Fragments From a Long Story
05. Take Your Time
06. Ratsorock (Part One)
07. Dialogue
08. Ratsorock (Part Two)

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