Oddisee West Coast Beats


Coming from the city of Go-Go, I’ve always loved production inspired by funk. when it comes to funk inspired hip hop, no body does it like the west. While I was on the west producing Trek Life’s album that inspiration went further than being a fan. I don’t know if it was the palm trees, beaches, or burgers but this is what I was making in LA.


01. Still Never Rains (Instr Snpt)
02. Get In Touch (Instr Snpt)
03. Long Beach
04. Inglewood
05. South Central
06. Glamour
07. Everything Changed Nothing (Instr)
08. Anticipation (Instr)
09. Curl
10. Don Cornelius
11. Wow (Instr Snpt)
12. As The World Turns (Instr Snpt)
13. So Supreme
14. Get In Touch (Clean) Feat. Richard Wright, belvi, Trek Life & J. Bizness

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