Mellow Orange – Last Resort EP Vol.2


Mellow Orange Music Presents “Last Resort” ep2. Album inspired by artists staying true to their art form and doing what they do best. This album and its music is last resort in a world that is truly dominated by commercial/radio contemporary music. However it may also be the last resort in an effort to find a place/music that people have been waiting for… Limited edition digipak album, containing songs from both 1st & 2nd ep, plus 4 unreleased tracks to be released this summer.

for more info and buy:

also let me remind you that a japan edition with bonus is available for purchase here:


01. Give It To Me
02. Helium
03. All In
04. Authenticity
05. A Night Out
06. Ley Lines
07. Nothing Funny

Link removed in request of Mellow Orange

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