Mabanua – Done Already


Mabanua, Japanese drummer, beatmaker, singer. He plays all instrumentals and singing. He sampling the sounds that he played. Mainly he got a hip-hop flavor but he have many senses. The image uploaded on Youtube that he created a song alone in it is praised all over the world.(NME’s web site pick it up.) AKIL THE MC of Jurassic5, Eshe of arrested development, Kev Brown sympathized with mabanua’s style. they collaborated on mabanua’s 1st album ”done already”. Also,his live performance style that he plays drum and singing non stop like DJ attention to audience. He is also a member of a jazz-hip-hop group “Ovall”. It is a band of three musicians: Shingo Suzuki(Bass/Key),mabanua(Drum/Programing), Shingo Sekiguchi (guitar). their music is a unique mixture of sampling and live sound.

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little preview:


01 Wake Up
02 Live Show Feat. Akil The MC Of Jurassic 5 & Pupa Don
03 Grown Up
04 Him Feat. Tamala
05 Peace In My Mind
06 Don’t Know Where
07 Holdin’ It Down Feat. Kev Brown
08 Love Sick Feat. Eshe Of Arested Development
09 Interlude #1
10 Dream About You
11 Mystery Feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant
12 Liquid
13 My Lady My Lady
14 Trap
15 Interlude #2
16 Done Already
17 Interlude #3
18 For The Sign

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    this is dope so is the whole Ovall production, thanks for that mate.

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