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Katzuma is Chico MD and Tony T mixing samples as they were live instruments and viceversa. We bring to life some original compositions that you’d expect to find in a dusty 12″ rare vinyl. Made three cds “Moonbooty” (2005) “Rituals Of Life” (2008) “DR.Know” (2010) and played hundreds of djsets all over Italy. In 2007 Benn invited to collaborate with Italian 70 Soundtracks composer Franco Micalizzi, doing the musical arrangements for the incredible show-event “Gli Originali” (myspace.com/glioriginali). Katzuma’s tracks have been used for commercial spots and tv shows and as a chant to invoke the troubled spirit of El Chupacabra. We like Cedrata Tassoini and are grateful to the fine signers, musicians, and graphic designers who helped us along the way. Keep on steppin!

for more info check: www.katzuma.org

little preview:


01. On the one
02. Let’s get it started (Feat. Sean Martin)
03. The sleeptalker (Feat. Sean Martin)
04. The job’s not over (’til the paperwork is done)
05. Playing your game (Feat. Gloria T and Sean Martin)
06. I never saw someone bend before (Feat. Sean Martin and Dre Love)
07. Baby won’t you
08. Free your mind pt. 2 (Feat. Sean Martin)
09. People get up
10. Dig deeper work harder
11. Got to get sum

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    yo!!!! thank you, this shit is really insane. And not just because I’m italian too: this music is funk

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