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Incise is a Toronto based musician whose career started back in 2002 when he first started DJing and scratching records. In 2004, he spun at the regional DMC Canada scratch competition as a young 17 year old shaggy haired contestant. It was around this same time that Incise began learning to make beats and started chopping sounds to create new melodies/harmonies. Although Incise’s roots were originally in Hip Hop and Jazz, he has since crossed over and has been experimenting with electronica & ambient sounds. Life being his primary inspiration, Incise intends to keep creating music that will evoke emotions of people across the world.

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01. Sunrise
02. Hope feat. Need Not Worry
03. Running Out Of Time feat. The 49Ers
04. Got To Go feat. Nieve
05. Bring It Back Hydropnikz & Anika
06. Paving The Way feat. Okay City, Shad K & David Morin
07. Go Back feat. Noah King
08. Mid-Day
09. A New Day feat. Ajaxx
10. Music Forever feat. The Stereotypes
11. Written feat. Don Cerino
12. Rising (Redux) feat. Tunji
13. Inequity feat. Stain
14. Stay Driven feat. Dan Johns
15. Sunset
16. Paving The Way – Remix Re:plus Remix
17. Got To Go – Remix feat. Nieve

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