Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter – 1 + 1


Individually, Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter’s careers have been among the most innovative and influential in jazz, and their collaborative efforts are considered some of their most important work. As early as their tenure in the legendary Miles Davis quintet of the 1960s the two have cultivated an unusually long-standing and fruitful musical relationship. On 1+1, Hancock and Shorter share their extraordinary musical talents in an intimate duo setting.

The rapport these two musicians have developed is apparent throughout this beautifully conceived album. Hancock’s piano colorations blend perfectly with the unsurpassed expressiveness and warmth of Shorter’s soprano saxophone. The ten compositions on 1+1 (nine of which were penned by Hancock and/or Shorter) provide an exceptional amount of freedom for the two improvisers. The performances are characterized by subdued, introspective explorations. Brief virtuosic flourishes are balanced by a dramatic use of space. Even the slightly funk-tinged “Hale-Bopp, Hip Hop” is a subtle performance with shifting meters and complex rhythmic underpinnings.


01. Meridianne – A Wood Sylph
02. Aung San Suu Kyi
03. Sonrisa
04. Memory Of Enchantment
05. Visitor From Nowhere
06. Joanna’s Theme
07. Diana
08. Visitor From Somewhere
09. Manhattan Lorelei
10. Hale-Bopp, Hip-Hop

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