Gramatik – Street Bangerz Volume 1-2-3

Gramatik is a slovenian beatmaker.

Good music is felt not heard. Gramatik apparently understood that at an age of 3 according to his mother as she used to catch him glued to the radio in his older sister’s room whenever there was an old funk or  rhythm & blues joint on, tapping his leg on the floor along with the beat. Damn, talking about a sign on what will your child do when he grows up! …Read more clicking here

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Volume 1

little preview:


01. Doin’ It – Original
02. In My Hood – Original Mix
03. Don’t Get Weary – Original Mix
04. Sumthin’ – Original Mix
05. Just Chillin’ – Original Mix
06. New Nautilus – Original Mix
07. The Prophet – Original Mix
08. Itz Over – Original Mix
09. To Follow – Original Mix
10. Shaft Funk – Original Mix
11. Funk It Down – Original Mix
12. Ass Kickin’ Bass – Original Mix
13. Now I Know – Original Mix
14. Road Trip – Original Mix
15. Bring It Fast – Original Mix
16. Loungin’ – Original Mix
17. Lorena’s Butterfly – Original Mix
18. Brother – Original Mix
19. U R The One – Original Mix
20. I Love The Way – Original Mix

Volume 2

little preview:


01. The Culture (Original Mix)
02. I’m Doin’ My Thang (Original Mix)
03. Tearin’ It Up (Original Mix)
04. Deal With The Real (Original Mix)
05. Street Soul 101 (Original Mix)
06. Smooth While Raw (Original Mix)
07. Boom Bap Reinstated (Original Mix)
08. Chillaxin’ By The Sea (Original Mix)
09. Still Here (Original Mix)
10. Just Jammin’ (Original Mix)
11. Orchestrated Incident (Original Mix)
12. What More Can I Say (Original Mix)
13. Makes Me Wonder (Original Mix)
14. A Bright Day (Original Mix)
15. Lonely & Cold (Original Mix)
16. Hit That Jive (Original Mix)
17. Indigo Child (Original Mix)
18. Don’t You Know (Original Mix)
19. I’m Free (Original Mix)
20. The Prophet (Version 2.0)

Volume 3

little preview:


01. enter the realm intro
02. cool thieves original mix
03. dungeon sound original mix(2)
04. dungeon sound original mix
05. the swing of justice original mix
06. spoiler alert original mix(2)
07. spoiler alert original mix
08. muy tranquilo original mix(2)
09. muy tranquilo original mix
10. on the run original mix
11. in this whole world original mix
12. the anthem original mix
13. cirkus original mix(2)
14. cirkus original mix
15. victory original mix
16. balkan express original mix
17. adriatic summer nights original mix(2)
18. adriatic summer nights original mix
19. oriental job original mix
20. walkin. down the street original mix

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    Rapidshare and megaupload say not found, mediafire says set to private…

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    they asked to remove the links….sorry

  3. kingsizeslim says:

    hopefully i found the links , and it’s the best musical discovery for the last 4 month,seriously

  4. buckshot_lefonk says:

    all his tracks on Soundcloud

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