Franco Tonani – Night in Fonorama


Night in Fonorama. And it was a night in the real meaning of the word, that the five jazzmen spent at the Fonorama, one of the most important studios in Milano. It was the night of May the 31st 1964. They met at nine o’ clock in the evening, and they saw the day-break on a working Milano while they still were trying to perfectionate the last tune. We said they met¯: and no word is more significative to indicate the meeting of the five musicians at the studio. There was nothing decided before: neither the pieces to be recorded, nor even the least idea of arrangement. They met and decided the pieces to record.


01. Vamos
02. U-Boat
03. Drum Ding
04. Junior’s Idea
05. Stella By Starlight
06. Solar
07. Hard Mode (Take 1)
08. Hard Mode (Take 2)

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