DJ Ryow aka Smooth Current – Scenes From Life


Colored in hip-hop grooves and colorful – beat maker DJ RYOW aka Smooth Current presents the “sound scene” concept album mirroring. Assembled his unique sense of great skill and outstanding “jazz + hip-hop” is completed. Has a long career as a DJ, sound creator fancy that as a truck excel DJ RYOW aka Smooth Current gifts to the “scene” sound concept album mirroring. Giving full play to his aesthetic, beats packed with black gem spindle groove infused the essence of jazz. Saxophone, flute, guitar-wielding multiplayer Kenichi Fukushima, Shinsight Trio and special guest and also Mista Donut, excel as a producer. Compared with previous work, utilizing more live sound, sound has become a universal trend which can not be bound. Making an underground track yet ready to be in the club, easy listening, lounge, cafe and BGM music has elements of this work is bound to further increase the fan base. Contradictive with fine, stick to your own style is DJ RYOW aka Smooth Current 120% ness! Expressed in this album is finally finished!

little preview:


01. Scenes from life(Intro)
02. Night Light
03. Funky Footsteps
04. Running (starring as Shinsight Trio)
05. Pleasure’s Theme feat. Mista Donut
06. Fly Away
07. Rainy Days
08. Swirling Air (starring as Levitatorz)
09. The Earth Shaker
10. Child’s Play
11. Wegonnabreaks
12. Phantasmagoria

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