Busy – Moths


Busy drops his debut 12″ for Circulations after some real intriguing tracks for the Beat Dimensions series. His take on that heady world of hiphop comes from a more electronic angle, adding densely packed edits and full-strength synth pads to the mix, sounding something like prime era Machine Drum to some extent. ‘Moths’ breaks down the chunkier beat driven tracks with an array of BoC alike interludes soaked in shiny silicon crystals, cleansing the palette for the next blast of sci-fi space hoppers like the martian bounce of ‘Camphoraceous Elixir’ or the lazered crunk slump of ‘Witch Hunt’. Fans of Rustie, Mono/Poly or Dorian Concept should check this.

for more info and buy: myspace.com/busyb02music


01. Aft
02. A Camphoraceous Elixir
03. Phototaxis
04. Chitin
05. Dormant Presence
06. Qaqoon
07. Shade
08. Witch Hunt
09. Atlas Resounding

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