And The Winner is….


31 years old guy from Australia! and he is 2 times lucky because in these days Rapidshare has changed his premium offers, so he will have 2 months of Rapidshare with Rapidsmall Package!

About the game:

The answer was “J Dilla” (i also accepted “Jay Dee”) and the album “The Shining”

84 participants but 77 were correct, I could not accept the name of Illa J or the correct name with the wrong album, here the picture (blurred on emails and names) click to enlarge.

the winner was the number 10 extracted with Random Number Generator:

and that’s all! Hope everyone liked this little game. I always thought the blog absolutely free, in fact i don’t have any ads and i don’t have any paypal donate button, because i want this a place where you can find just good music (because the people download music but, and that’s what i’m trying to say to label and artist, the people also buy music, merchandise and goes to shows), i’m saying this because in future if i will have free subcriptions i will do other things like this, also i suggest to use premium accounts just if you can have them for free ;)


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  1. Chris says:

    hey, don’t want to sound fussy, but u the version u uploaded/linked was instrumental, so i put down “The Shining Instrumentals”, the Shining version is with rap on it… anyway, congrats to Ted, but maybe be a little more specific please next time.
    thanks anyway for letting us win ur bonus, peace and love, chris

  2. dOk says:

    Chris, i wrote “i uploaded the instrumental because the lyrics says the name of the artist” i also accepted your answer :) as i said, i just not accepted the answers with Illa J or with the totally wrong album like Donuts ;)

  3. Ted says:

    Really enjoying the free Rapidshare. Thanks Francesco. Keep up the brilliant work. You have the best blog in the blogosphere! Ted

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