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ACUSMATIC GROUP is an instrumental cinematic-jazz-funk studio project, founded by 2 musicians / producers (Romeo Sandri and Michele Berselli) based in the North-West of Italy.

INSPIRED BY: spy movies atmospheres, blaxploitation and 70′s italian cop movie soundtracks. They combine the magic of ‘crime jazz’ and funk from those days, giving it a fresh treatment with today’s grooves. James Bond vs John Shaft

“Pilot” is their debut album, released on La Douce (IRMA records). It contains only original compositions, except for one very special cover of ‘Walkin’ On The Moon’ by The Police that could easily come from a blaxploitation OST.

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01. Appuntamento al Porto
02. Walking On The Moon
03. Fish Food
04. Momento Suspense
05. Secret Lovers
06. S’Apercevoir
07. Mac Guffin
08. Inst4action
09. Regolamento di Conti
10. Any Questions
11. Supablax
12. The Fixer
13. Un Grosso Guaio
14. Regolamento di Conti (End Titles)

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